We’re Back at Our Office on SW Kelly Ave.

Announcement   •   September 28, 2017

This past winter (2016/2017), Portland experienced several of the worst snow and ice storms the city has seen in over 35 years. Early Sunday morning on December 11, 2016 our building on Kelly Avenue suffered major damage when a 100+ year old white oak tree crashed through the roof.  Nearly half of the roof structure of the two-story building was damaged and large localized areas of the rest of the building was saturated from intense rain fall throughout the night.

We’re incredibly grateful that this happened when the building was unoccupied and that no one was hurt. Through sheer grit, we quickly moved our entire staff of 35 people and a majority of our systems and resources from the damaged building into a temporary space.  With the dedicated commitment and support of our staff, we minimized our down time and resumed operations at the temporary facility within a week.

10 months later, with the help of our amazing team of talented contractors and vendors, we’ve moved back into the building VLMK has called home for 37 years. We can’t wait to show it off at our annual open house in just a couple of months so keep your eye out for our save the date!

We would like to thank everyone who helped us with the ‘VLMK Tree’ project as it came to be known.  We could not have done it without you.  We’d be remiss not to put out a special thank you to Perlo Construction.  They were there for us on day one and we’re so very thankful for their help to get us back in our office as quickly as possible.